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Idea for wordpress plug-in

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

My blog is, I am conscious of, split into two roughly mutually exclusive overarching categories:

These, I feel, could almost be considered sub-blogs, and other subcategories (eg In Phokus) could equally be treated as sub-blogs.

So my idea for a word-press plug-in is the following:

  1. Enables feeds for any category or subcategory to be published (This plug-in has already shown that these feeds exist, but just need linking to appropriately. I’ve just installed it on this blog, but I think it’s a bit of an overkill).
  2. These feeds can all be subscribed to from the main blog page
  3. HOWEVER, if a visitor visits a category page, AND that page has a certain value in $_GET, eg “subblog=true”, then a different template/skin is applied, and only the sub-blog’s feed is available.

I’m gonna call it Sub-blogger as a working title, and set up the appropriate category. Eventually, I hope, it will be its own sub-blog.

Toolbarize WordPress Plug-in

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

Well – here it is. As promised earlier, my first ever software release into the open source world is an adaption of Eric Meyer’s MW adminize plug-in to give the wordpress admin interface a fixed toolbar along the top of the screen and so that the publish post box is always visible on the right. Scrolling up while posting to your blog can finally be consigned to the past.

The plug-in works on all modern browsers, (Safari, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, and almost certainly all others with good CSS support). It will however leave everything unchanged in ie6 as it has poor support for position:fixed.

Here is the download:

Simply unzip it into your plugins folder – no additional setup required.

Visually, I’d like to rehash how the publish box appears – it doesn’t sit well either where it is now or lower down, so a redesign may be in order. Also, I need to work out how to add some javascript to better resize the upload media screen (at present the close button is hidden, but you can just click off the screen to make it disappear.

Please let me know if you have any suggested improvements