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Idea for wordpress plug-in

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

My blog is, I am conscious of, split into two roughly mutually exclusive overarching categories:

These, I feel, could almost be considered sub-blogs, and other subcategories (eg In Phokus) could equally be treated as sub-blogs.

So my idea for a word-press plug-in is the following:

  1. Enables feeds for any category or subcategory to be published (This plug-in has already shown that these feeds exist, but just need linking to appropriately. I’ve just installed it on this blog, but I think it’s a bit of an overkill).
  2. These feeds can all be subscribed to from the main blog page
  3. HOWEVER, if a visitor visits a category page, AND that page has a certain value in $_GET, eg “subblog=true”, then a different template/skin is applied, and only the sub-blog’s feed is available.

I’m gonna call it Sub-blogger as a working title, and set up the appropriate category. Eventually, I hope, it will be its own sub-blog.