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Travel on the cheap

I’ve been planning a short busking holiday with Mike – to Provence to wow crowds with our Irish-Folk fusion sound, but travel on the cheap is not as easy as it might seem.

Ryanair, advertising flights for £10 each eventually wanted to charge us £80 in total, with at least 3 layers of hidden extras. Remarkably, everything apart from taking yourself and one item of handluggage is a billable extra!

The main poin of this post though is to lambast the design of the eurolines website. Tobook a coach you have to go to the country you’re departing from’s subsite, and to do this you have to click on an image map of a map of europe. This map lacks:

  1. Country borders
  2. Hover over effects

It took me a few goes to select The Netherlands successfully. I’m just grateful I’m not leaving from Luxembourg or I’d still be desperately nudging the mouse around the damn thing!

My advice is to use ecolines whenever feasible. They have this very cool graphical feature, a map with hover over effects that show which cities you can travel to from which cities, which very quickly confirmed they don’t travel a route that’s useful to us, but should I ever head to Eastern Europe..

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